A little incentive

A Little Incentive

My relationship/obsession with incentive programs started in my teens. I’m pretty sure I was  14 when I got my first Air Miles card, this might not be true since the Air Miles website says
Valentines Guide

Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day! The day of love. The 14th of February. It’s coming up fast and if you don’t already have plans made you might be the worst partner ever.  Just kidding, obviously.  In fact
Super Bowl

Super Bowl Funday!

This Sunday, February 7th is Superbowl Sunday. Yay for Football.  If you don’t like Football I don’t want you to lose interest, so here’s a couple other fun facts about February 7th: On February
movie fail

Free Movie Fail

This morning we decided to do something epic. My husband Kevin and I decided to take our kids to the movies.  That might not sound epic to you, but I assure you it was.